Products of high performance under field conditions, formulated with basis on entomopathogenic fungal spores   and inert ingredients completely safe.  Do not generate hazard residues over the harvests and Do not generate resistance over the populations of  insect and mites pests.

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Bioinsecticides / Biomiticides en

AgroNova® WG

¡ AgroNova® WG ……. The best biological alternative in the control of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera !

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BioExpert® SC

¡Ensure the success of the phytosanitary inspection ...... BioExpert ® SC total control of Whiteflies and Trips!

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DeepGreen® SC

¡DeepGreen® SC ….. Effective and prolonged control of soil pests!

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Successor® SC

¡For Mites control …… Successor® SC, effective in all stages!

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