For a good Integrated Crop Management (ICM) is required as a first principle, the correct diagnosis of phytosanitary problem, based on the diagnosis, the agricultural producer or technician can select the management strategies most appropriate for the crop. To do this one must analyze the conditions under which the problem is presented in the crop, the plant-host interaction, beneficial organisms, soil, water and agro-climatic conditions, ie interactions requires a comprehensive analysis that may lead to an accurate judgment about the cause of the problem and the factors that favor. Protecting the environment and human health are a major requirement and sustainable production and MIC are incorporated into agricultural programs worldwide.
The following laboratory tests are performed as support to diagnose plant health problems in different crops.


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Phytosanitary Diagnosis


Determination of pathogenic bacteria through the use of specific culture media, biochemical testing and vegetal biomodels hypersensitivity tests.

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Determination of phytopathogenic fungi through the use of selective and differential culture media and taxonomic identification.

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Determination of the different genera of phytopathogenic nematodes in different types of samples.

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Different analysis to support the business of the growers.

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