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LST is focused on the development of a broad portfolio of biological solutions to protect and improve the health and productivity of crops and agricultural soils with the lowest environmental impact.  Our main purpose is to create sustainable value for our clients through the implementation of solutions that ensure efficient and sustainable agriculture and the innocuity of agricultural foods, generating such differentiation in the market for our customers which therefore positively influences their business.


LST has four product lines for plant protection and plant nutrition: Bioinsecticides, Biomiticides, Bionematicides and Microbial Inoculants / Biofertilizers, which can be used in technological packages that include new strategies for use of our biological products in organic agricultural production and integrated pest - disease and crop management.


The use of our products will generate the following benefits for the farmers:


• Improving the productivity and quality of their soils and crops
• Minimum time of re-entry
• Zero pre-harvesting periods
• Minimal risk to wildlife and beneficial microfauna and flora
• Minimal risk of resistance due to the complexity of the modes of action of LST products
• Significant reduction of residues in the final product

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