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LST was created with the central aim of developing and implementing solutions to different problems of sustainable agricultural production and food security and Innocuity, based on biological, natural tools, as expressed in its mission and vision.

For LST, agricultural sustainability is understood as the comprehensive and integral joint agricultural sustainability in time and space, is involved in environmental sustainability and is dynamic factor of sustainable development of each community and the planet.


Agricultural sustainability is a highly complex issue. The many factors that compose it, each one a factor of human sustainability, leave deep sense determining scope and impact of this issue in the survival of our species on planet earth: Water, Fertile Soil and Air as a productive resources, in turn interdependent health of the environment, ecosystem vitality and forest resources and ongoing involvement and systemic risk of multiple anthropocentric practices, every one of these applicants factors scientific knowledge, high technology, policy decisions and sense of belonging to and respectful behavior the living system in which we exist.




For consistency with the overall mission or core purpose of the company, LST conducted their activities under the clean and sustainable strategy as a basis for business management, applied to all operational production and organizational processes. It has implemented an Environmental Management Plan with highest international standards, which outlines actions to prevent, mitigate, control and correct the potential environmental impacts of the company's business, including the monitoring plan and contingency plans.


The main objectives of the environmental management plan of LST are: Reduce emissions and discharges, decrease any risk to human and environmental health, minimize the consumption of water, energy and inputs, abolish the consumption of toxic inputs, the maximum amount of recycled waste production plant, reducing the environmental impact of our products in their life cycle.


Currently implemented environmental practices which comply with local environmental laws and achieve the highest international standards of sustainability. In the open field area around the facility is holding a planting plan own species trees in the area in order to regulate the impact of wind and moisture conservation land. To the wastewater management a system for high-tech treatment and compliance with the quality standards of the new regulations for agricultural water use and discharges to water bodies was implemented.



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